Creative Tees for Your Next BBQ Party

Are you fed up of seeing the same old boring t-shirts every time you go out? Then it’s high time you took a fancy to some latest funny tee shirts that can inject freshness and creativity in your wardrobe. If your casual apparel is remaining dull, then it’s time to do something about it. Let’s explore the range of cool tee shirts that can help you bring style back in your life.

The Food Fight – Popeye the Friendly Ghost is back and with a vengeance thanks to Thanksgiving Tee shirt that features the phrase “Thanksgiving is overrated” and a graphic representation of Popeye shooting an arrow through a turkey. The shirt shows people how they can have fun without resorting to violence. Make a bold stand with Food Fight T-shirts, or opt for a huge range of other witty graphic tees for all season, interest and occasion.

Crude Shirt – If you are feeling a bit adventurous this Halloween, why not try a crude shirt that portrays an unconscious face inside a large amount of raw meat? People who have seen the commercial might find it offensive but most of them will surely love the image and would probably laugh at the joke. In fact, a lot of people have said that it is the best thing they have seen this year. So if you need something slightly offensive to make people go wow, then you certainly have it in store for you with a crude shirt.

The Turkey Shootout – This Thanksgiving Tee shirt depicts a scene where a turkey has been shot dead in slow motion. The person who is responsible for this deed will be declared as the Butt Brother while all the celebratory people are standing around looking in wonder as they see their friend get killed. The caption reads as follows: “I think I can get my revenge by shooting more turkeys this year.” Clearly, Thanksgiving is not the only excuse for a turkey shoot!

The Gravy Debate – A Gravy is a dish that is made from gravy from a bird. This is another food that is deemed to be offensive depending on your outlook. If you are someone who finds gravy gross, then you will definitely be upset by the concept of this tee shirt. On the other hand, those who love gravy say that they have had enough of the debate. Therefore, if you belong to either camp, then you will love this Thanksgiving tee shirt that features the symbol of the g gravy.

The Butt Chewing Tee – This is an expression that everyone used to use when they were younger. However, it has now transformed into a way to show support for a group or even to poke fun at someone. You need to ask yourself which camp you belong to before you decide on which one to support. One example of this is the crude shirt that has an arrow pointing towards the buttocks. Although the people wearing this shirt might not think it is anything major, the fact that they chose this design to represent their political views might cause a few people to get up and give some F-U-N.

Another example of a crude shirt is the “butt rub”. Now, a butt rub is what you get when you put butter or cream on someone’s butts. However, if you are someone who feels that a butt rub is a form of sexual harassment, then you will probably be unhappy with this tee shirt as well. Regardless of who you are or what your opinion is, you cannot deny that the butt rub is a part of Thanksgiving. As such, you need to make sure that you find the perfect one that you can wear to show your support for the holiday. Fortunately, the internet provides consumers with a wide variety of options for those who need something mildly offensive.

If you want to make someone feel a bit uncomfortable, you can go wild with funny grilling tees. This is especially true if you are preparing a meal for someone who is normally very gourmet. The internet has made it easy for you to come up with unique designs that incorporate food items into the design. In addition to the more common designs like cats or dogs, there are designs that include funny food items including a topless cow, a toothy dog, a toga turkey, and even a toga turkey with a top hat. In addition to the belly full and the “butt rub”, these tee shirts are also appropriate for those occasions when you need to let someone know that you are having a little bit of fun. Regardless of which type of grilling tee shirt you choose, you will be letting everyone know that you are having a good time and that you like to eat as much as everyone else.