Tips for selecting an escort

10/18/2018 0 By Triston
Tips for selecting an escort

Welcome to tips on selecting an escort. For first time clients, where to find an escort or which one to choose can be daunting. With so many unique escorts, offering different services, how can you select the right one for you?

Tip 1:

It’s a good idea to have an idea of the type of female that attracts you visually. Some men prefer big boobs whilst other men prefer tattooed girls. Knowing what type of escort, you are looking to select is a good starting point.

Tip 2:

Next you need to find this type of girl on the internet. Start by using some search terms into google. You may type in “escorts” and then your area. Or “escort agencies” and then your area. Or “Independent escorts” and your area. Giving a plural, so escort or escorts, can give different search results. You can also type into your search bar the type of girl you are looking for your area. So, for example you may put “busty escort(s) Birmingham”. Escort directories or escort classified sites are a good way of viewing genuine escorts in your area. Some escorts advertise in public newspapers with a phone number, but this method is out dated now and considered not to be safe.

Tip 3:

So, let’s presume, you have searched the internet and found an escort agency website containing beautiful girls who match what you are looking for. Read each girl´s individual profile on the gallery page. Here you can view all of her photos and read more information about her. This will help you to narrow down your selection.

Tip 4:

Cross reference the escorts working name on escort directories. Whilst an escort agency may only publish her positive reviews, there may be negative reviews from genuine clients elsewhere.

Tip 5:

So, you have selected an escort that you would like to see. What’s the next step? It’s to call and make the booking. But you need to decide if you want the girl to visit you as an outcall or you want to visit the girl, if she offers this, as an incall. Check the prices because they do differ. You also need to make a list of questions that you want to ask before you make the booking. For example, are there any added extras to the price of a specific sexual service? Once you have made the booking, there should be no doubts or questions. If you select a female through a reputable escort agency, they will have explained everything to you in precise detail. Their job is to organise the appointment, so it goes smoothly for you and the selected escort.

Tip 6:

Ensure you have selected the correct escort. You will have a time, duration and a clear location. Speak openly over the phone when making the booking as to what you want to gain out of the appointment. For example, if you want a sexy secretary outfit, inform the receptionist to tell the escort. Therefore, she will be wearing it on arrival and no time is wasted.

Tip 7:

Treat your escort with respect at all times. An escort will not appreciate a dirty or abusive client. She will also not appreciate a client who argues with her over her fees. So double check the fees are correct before the appointment starts. Remember you are going on a date with a stranger. Just because you are paying her, it does not mean she is a robot!